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Full Service Skate Shop

We carry an extensive selection of skate products including many styles and sizes of decks, trucks, wheels etc. Our wide selection allows you to build your own custom board right down to the color of the grip tape.

Skate the park, skate to school, or just around the neighborhood. Wherever you like to skate, Chico Bike & Board has exactly what you need to keep rolling. There are so many brands out there it's almost impossible to carry them all, but we're trying!

Let us know if we don't have what you want and we'll do our best to carry it.

Skate Labor Prices

  • Assemble board $20*
  • Tape clean deck $5
  • Remove old tape $10
  • Install trucks $5ea
  • Install wheels $5
  • Install bearings $5/set
  • Assemble truck $5ea
  • Repair truck threads $5ea
*Free assembly with purchase of components.