All too often cyclists put away their bikes at the first sign of rain - but those people are sadly missing out on a great opportunity to stay fit and energized through an otherwise idle season. It is too easy to veg out or opt for the protection of the car and ignore your trusty two-wheeled steed. Here are a few tips we think can help ease the transition and even make winter cycling fun!

Dress Accordingly

Multiple layers can adapt to your riding through inclement weather patterns or extended efforts on the bike.

Don't let poorly-selected attire ruin your winter riding. The important thing to remember about riding through the winter is that you're probably going to be cold at times. Accepting this fact can mentally prepare you for going out on those really nasty days, and lead to better layering decisions.

Your clothing decisions should center around keeping your core temperature in a comfortable range. While under-dressing can certainly lead to a poor experience, heavy outerwear can cause excess seating and discomfort as well.

Keep it Clean

Riding through winter road grime will undoubtedly make a mess of an otherwise pristine bike. Road slush can quickly accumulate around your wheels and frame, leading to poor shifting and braking performance as well as reduced life expectancy of certain components.

Any moving part of your bicycle will work best when kept clean and properly lubricated. If you appreciate a functional bicycle you will surely want to give it a wash down after each ride.

Good bike shops can help point you to quality cleaning products and techniques to save time and money while extending the life of many of your bikes essential components. We stock a selection of essential cleaning products for your convenience.

While washing your bike is a great way to keep things working best, installing fenders (aka mudguards) will keep that same grime from making its mark on your rear end.

Staying clean and dry not only keeps you looking smarter, but it will greatly enhance the quality of your cycling experience by eliminating mud stripes and keeping your feet much dryer than without fenders.

Light The Way

Daylight fades quickly during the winter months, but that doesn't mean you have to hang up your wheels!

The best way to stay safe is to be seen by motorists. With a rechargeable headlight and taillight you can keep the ride going even after the sun suggests otherwise. We suggest a bright rechargeable headlight mounted to the handlebars paired with a blinking red taillight to better alert drivers approaching from behind.