The Chico Wildflower Century has been a staple of the local cycling culture for nearly 40 years! This internationally-attended event is the perfect way to start the spring cycling season.

The Chico Wildflower Century® is about the most fun you can have on a bike! It has even been rated as one of Bicycling Magazine's Top Ten Century rides. Come on out and join us for the 37th annual Chico Wildflower, and you'll see why.

​Calling all Adventure Riders! Our new Fleur Sauvage mixed-terrain route was designed with you in mind. Check it out here.

Make it a weekend! Kick off your ride with our Saturday WildFest pre-ride party with rider check-in, cycling-inspired expo, Sierra Nevada beer garden, live music, KidZone with Bike Rodeo, and Fork In The Road food trucks.


2018 Route Options

NOTE: Route details and elevation data provided here are courtesy of RideWithGPS and are currently preliminary and unofficial; check back to download final maps for ride-day.To aid in wayfinding, use any or all of the following navigation aids:

Export elevation maps to your smartphone (instructions on RideWithGPS site)Paper route maps available at Silver Dollar Fairgrounds (or find them here and print your own during the week before the ride)Route arrows and course marshals out on the course on ride day

New for 2018 - Fleur Sauvage Route!

Adventure/mixed terrain option will loosely parallel the first half of the Wildcat 100/125 route with fun and scenic 'dirt detours'. This route is NOT SUITABLE for a road bike, as it contains 25 to 35 miles of good-to-poor dirt roads. Cross or gravel bike is ideal; hard-tail mountain bike can work if it is light and you are a strong rider. We are finalizing the exact route but expect roughly 75–80 miles and 6000 ft climbing. Some paved 'short-cuts' and bail-out options. Check back here for more details as we get them! Register here. Limited to 200 riders this first year.

Wildflower 100

The classic ride, and still the favorite:

  • ​97 miles
  • 4822' elevation gain
  • 5 rest stops

Wildflower 65

Metric Century, all the fun, half the climbing:

  • ​61.4 miles
  • 2339' elevation gain
  • 3 rest stops

WIldcat 125

Super-sized for serious climbers:

  • 128 miles
  • 7700' elevation gain
  • 6 rest stops

Wildcat 100

All the climbing of the Wildcat, skip the orchards:

  • 108 miles
  • 7600' elevation gain
  • 5 rest stops

Flatflower 60

Flat, fast, and choose:

  • 62 miles
  • 250' elevation gain
  • 3 rest stops

​Flatflower 30

Scenic stroll through the orchards:

  • 31 miles
  • 150' elevation gain
  • 2 rest stops

​Flatflower 12

Fun ride to Durham and back:

  • 12 miles
  • 75' elevation gain
  • 1 rest stop

​Childflower 12

Escorted group ride to Durham and back:

  • 12 miles
  • 75' elevation gain
  • 1 rest stop