We here at Chico Bike and Board have recently picked up a number of scooter lines. They have become quite popular with the kids lately. If you were to Google a recent X games video you will see they’re as much a part of the show as bicycles and skateboards.

But what’s with the adult scooters? An adult scooter is a great option to consider when you need to get somewhere relatively close quickly and a bike is not a practical solution and you are not comfortable skating.

  • How about at work scooting around the warehouse running errands? It would be way more efficient and quicker than hoofing it wouldn't you say?
  • What if you were a Chico State student and couldn't afford a bike and didn't know how to skate? The scooter is a great option for you. You can fold it and carry it into class and even into your dorm. No worries about leaving it out overnight.
  • What if you use a private plane for business trips?  It’s usually an awful long walk from the hanger to the car but a piece of cake if you have a scooter.
  • How about for just plain fun? Just about anybody can ride an adult size scooter. And you would be surprised how fun they are to ride not to mention great exercise too!
  • How about coming down to the shop and giving one a spin?  If it doesn’t put a smile on your face Jon will eat a bug!!