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What's Up With Scooters?

We here at Chico Bike and Board have recently picked up a number of scooter lines. They have become quite popular with the kids lately. If you were to Google a recent X games video you will see they’re as much a part of the show as bicycles and skateboards.

Wildflower Century 2018

The Chico Wildflower Century has been a staple of the local cycling culture for nearly 40 years! This internationally-attended event is the perfect way to start the spring cycling season.

Winter Cycling Tips

All too often cyclists put away their bikes at the first sign of rain - but those people are sadly missing out on a great opportunity to stay fit and energized through an otherwise idle season. It is too easy to veg out or opt for the protection of the car and ignore your trusty two-wheeled steed. Here are a few tips we think can help ease the transition and even make winter cycling fun!

Masi Click, Ship, & Ride

Masi Labor Day Sale

Save from $90 up to $580 on selected 2017 bikes purchased through the Click, Ship, Ride program.

Bike Buyers Guide

Choosing the right bike may not always be simple, but it shouldn't be confusing. If you are looking to purchase your first bike or you are an experienced cyclist, this helpful guide should make that next bike purchase a little bit easier.

Maintenance Tips

Use this guide to help figure out if your bike needs any maintenance.

Skatepark Fundraiser

Chico Skatepark Solutions has a plan to upgrade the Chico skatepark on Humbolt Ave, but they need funding to make it happen!. This upgrade would add more advanced features to the park, hopefully making it a more enjoyable place for skaters of all ages to enjoy.