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At Chico Bike & Board we believe its every bit as important to include the process of shopping for a BIKE SHOP with that of shopping for a bike. We like to carry on with the responsibility of having sold our bikes by providing OUTSTANDING SERVICE and VALUE before and after the sale. Here are some of the ways we do that.

From the beginning we’re CONSTANTLY researching different bike brands and comparing models to determine which ones offer the best value for you. For that reason you might see some brands change on our floor from time to time. In other words, like you, we’re pretty good shoppers, especially because we know what we’re looking for! Did you know some shops are contractually obligated by some bike companies to sell only their “approved” brands? That ain't the way we roll. We don’t want to carry anything on our floor that doesn’t offer the best bang for the buck out there. Just like you we want the best quality and highest innovation for the lowest price possible. We’re pretty proud of that.  

We also like to punctuate that with the added value of free lifetime tune ups with every new bike you buy from us. We’ve been doing that since April 1st (No foolin’) 1996 when we first opened our doors. That’s because we realize that once we sell you a bike our job is not over, it’s just beginning! That means when your bike is ready for service you just drop it off and let us take care of it for you. It’s as simple as that. If your bike requires anything extra over what a free lifetime tune up covers, we’ll let you know what it is and give you an estimate of what it will cost before you leave it with us.

In addition, your new Chico Bike & Board bike carries a higher resale value if you decide to sell it in the future because those free lifetime tune ups are transferable. In other words, they are for the LIFETIME OF THE BIKE! Just have the buyer come in and register the sale with us with proof of having purchased from you and they will get free tune ups for life!

Some of the brands we stock include HaroMasiDel SolCultSubrosaSE3G and KHS. If your perfect bike is not on our showroom floor, we can special order it and typically have it ready within 3 business days.

At Chico Bike & Board, we’re not elitists. We want EVERYBODY to feel comfortable shopping with us and we appreciate the opportunity to help empower you with the information you need to make the right decision, even if that means referring you to another shop. We realize the job of picking out the perfect bike from so many different options can be, well… a little intimidating.  No worries, we’ll take the stress out of finding your perfect bike! Come by and see us! We’ll be happy to answer all your questions. We don’t expect you to be an expert, that’s our job.

We’re open 10am to 6pm EVERY DAY. At Chico Bike & Board, we’ll help find EXACTLY the right bike for you GURANTEED!

Urban and town bikes can take several forms, however they are all designed to get you and your things from A to B, and back again.

Town/City bikes are comfortable and easy to use

A typical town or city bike is comfortable with an upright riding position. Oftentimes, they will feature matching fenders and rear racks, and accessory mounts for additional goodies, like water bottle cages, front racks, and bells. These bikes usually feature simple transmissions with internal 3-speed and 7-speed options being the most popular.

Urban bikes are durable and functional

Typical urban bikes are made of durable materials, like steel, in order to resist damage from bike racks and day-to-day use in an urban setting. They range from minimal single-speed (fixie) road bikes through full-on commuters complete with racks, fenders, lights, kickstands, and heavy-duty tires to resist punctures.

Del Sol Seren is a step-through town bike with a lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. It features a comfortable, upright riding position, painted rack & fenders, sprung padded saddle, and kickstand. It comes in both 3 & 7-speed models. Additional colors available.
Del Sol Ora is the traditional diamond-frame version of the step-through Seren. It features a comfortable, upright riding position and includes a painted rack, fenders, sprung comfort saddle, and kickstand. It comes in both 7 & 3-speed models. Additional colors available.
Del Sol Projekt is a simple fixed gear/ single speed commuter. This bike gets back to basics by getting rid of unnecessary gears. With thoughtful additions like rack and water bottle mounts it can be dressed up or down to suit your taste. Additional colors available.
Del Sol Projekt 8 is the simple commuter to get you up the hills, and back down. Featuring the same sporty geometry of the single-speed Projekt, but with a few more gears to help you go further. Own the streets with this sleek ride and never look back. Additional colors available.
Del Sol Projekt 21 is built for urban commuting. A sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame provides plenty of clearance and mounting points for all the accessories an avid commuter could require. Medium-wide 700x35c tires provide all-day comfort, even when the road gets bumpy, while a 21-speed drive train offers plenty of gearing for even the steepest of routes.

Comfort and Leisure Bikes

For the recreational cyclist looking for comfort and style.

Cruisers have stylish frames, big cushy seats & fat tires

This is classic Americana here with a modern twist! These bikes are SUPER comfortable and very stylish. The ideal choice for casual Sunday riding through Bidwell Park with the family or just oozing down the street in style! Some of our cruisers feature a “Foot Forward” design found on many comfort and leisure bikes that consists of an upgraded frame that gives a longer wheel base that allows riders to reach the ground while seated for stability and confidence and yet provides proper leg extension for easy and efficient pedaling while moving.

Comfort bikes are well...comfortable!

These are for the cyclists looking for a reliable, safe and practical bike that has an accommodating riding position thereby facilitating unimpeded visibility, These bikes come with extra adjustability designed in to accommodate riders who are looking for that PERFECT fit. Comfort bikes place their handlebars high above the saddle to open up your hip angle and put you in a tall, upright position. They often feature front suspension and spring seat posts with cushy saddles so you GLIDE over bumps. These bikes are great for those of us with aches and pains to contend with or who just don’t want to hover over the handlebars.

3G Isla Vista is a classic single speed cruiser. A range of color options and laid back style are sure to turn some heads.
3G Venice updates the classic "Isla Vista" with the patented “Tripod” frame that gives a longer wheel base allowing riders to reach the ground while seated for stability and confidence while at the same time allowing for proper leg extension for easy and more efficient pedaling while moving. Available in a range of colors and gear options.
Del Sol Lxi 7.1 ST is a 21-speed comfort hybrid. It has a lightweight aluminum frame placing the rider in a n upright riding position. This allows for an unobstructed view of the road ahead. The 700c wheels increase rolling efficiency while suspension at the front fork and under the saddle smooth out bumps.
Del Sol Lxi 7.2 steps up to a 24-speed drive train for added gearing options. It also has an upgraded suspension system allowing you to turn the front suspension off if you like. This provides the benefit of increased rolling efficiency and eliminates the bouncing “pogo” effect that happens with front suspension when standing on the pedals and climbing steep grades.

Fitness & Hybrid Bikes

Fitness hybrids are efficient and lightweight in order to let you go farther on each ride. They provide speed like a road bike with the more familiar feel of a mountain bike.

Fitness Bikes

More accessory mounting options than most road bikes, flat handlebars with mountain bike controls, and a sporty ride quality means these hybrids can keep up at the local club rides while offering practical features for when you want to commute.

Cross-terrain Bikes

Blending many features of a mountain bike into a more "road-capable" machine, cross-terrain or mountain hybrids are a really fun way to get around. With front suspension to increase traction on rougher terrain but with narrower wheels and tires than a typical mountain bike, you can take this bike almost anywhere.

KHS Vitamin B is a lightweight and sporty fitness hybrid with great features for the practical cyclist. A hydro-formed aluminum frame and fork, strong sealed bearing wheels, Shimano 3x8-speed gearing, and room for fenders and rack make this a bike you could load up or keep stripped down for the ultimate balance of speed and comfort.
Haro Bridgeport is a very versatile mixed-terrain hybrid that is just as comfortable tearing up flowing single-track as tearing up city streets. Stable 29" mountain bike geometry, fast-rolling hybrid tires, and confident disc brakes combine to create a hybrid capable of taking on any road you throw at it.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are light and responsive for fast road rides. A road bike will be comfortable on anything from an after-work loop around town to long, epic rides. With so many options these days there is sure to be something to suit your style.

Endurance vs Lightweight vs Aerodynamic

Any road bike should be capable of taking you on rides exceeding 30 miles, but a bike specifically designed for all-day comfort without sacrificing efficiency is sure to make that ride a bit more pleasurable. Endurance road bikes are basically the new name for a traditional road bike since the introduction of aerodynamic and ultralight climbing road bikes over the past several years. While ultralight road bikes push the limits of today's manufacturing technology, and aerodynamic road bikes often sacrifice practicality and ride quality, endurance bikes sit somewhere in between. They offer best overall value for the non-professional looking to get out and explore.

Touring Bikes

A touring road bike may just be the most versatile bike you can get. Touring bikes are most often used for extended self-supported trips, but can also make terrific commuter bikes for their strength and practicality. While they remain relatively lightweight, a touring bike is typically built from a steel frame for it's virtually infinite fatigue life and excellent ride quality. Touring bikes allow for racks to be mounted on both the rear of the frame as well as the front forks in order to increase carrying capacity, thus allowing for unsupported multi-day trips.

Masi Inizio is the entry-level road bike from Masi. Featuring a double-butted alloy frame, carbon bladed for, and Shimano Claris 2x8 gearing, this bike also comes as a women's specific version with more compact handlebars, shortened reach, and women's saddle.
Masi Vincere offers great value for the avid recreational cyclist. With a double-butted aluminum frame, carbon fork with tapered head tube, and Shimano Tiagra 2x10 drive train. Also sold as a women's specific version.
Masi Evoluzione 105 is an entry-level race optimized road bike. Full carbon frame / fork and Shimano 105 11 speed provide a stiffer and lighter bike for enhanced power transfer and overall speed. The geometry is a little longer and a little lower than a typical "endurance" road bike, letting the rider adopt a more aerodynamic position.
Masi Randonneur is a middleweight touring bike built upon a strong double-butted chromoly frame. With a longer wheelbase than a traditional road bike and additional attachment points for racks and fenders, this bike can carry relatively heavy loads without feeling squirmish. The addition of disc brakes adds control while braking while carrying a heavy load. Additionally, 3 sets of water bottle cage mounts and integrated pump peg let you carry a full sized frame pump and plenty of fluids for a long trip.

cyclocross & gravel Bikes

A multi-terrain bike typically adopted from a road bike. 

Cyclocross (CX) Bikes

A Cyclocross (CX) bike could just be the most fun bike you own. Originally developed as an "off-season" road bike, cyclocross bikes have developed into essentially off-road road bikes allowing them to be ridden over rougher terrain. With handling similar to a road bike but clearance for much larger tires cyclocross bikes can be ridden in dirt, mud, grass, sand, and of course roads. 

Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are basically cyclocross bikes designed specifically for gravel and dirt roads. They typically place the rider slightly lower than a cyclocross to enhance stability. Although the pedals are a bit closer to the ground and can therefore clip the ground and obstacles easier, it is usually not an issue because on gravel the terrain is mostly smooth. Since gravel bikes are slightly more stable than cyclocross and road bikes, they can be a great introductory bike for a beginner roadie unsure about skinny tires.

"Monster Cross" Bikes

If a cyclocross bike is just too tame for you, maybe a "monster cross" bike can take you further. Monster cross refers to a type of bike that combines some handling characteristics of a road bike with some off-road characteristics of a mountain bike. This usually translates to a fat-tire cyclocross bike or a rigid drop-bar mountain bike . This type of bike is not extremely well-known, but is becoming more popular as cyclists from both road and mountain communities are looking for something a little different.

Masi CX is the introductory cross bike from Masi. It is built on top of a chromoly main frame with disc brakes, Shimano Claris 3x8 speed gearing, and clearance for 700x40c tires. It also has attachment points for fenders, racks, and 3 water bottle cages, making this a very versatile bike.
Masi CXGR is a gravel-oriented cross bike with a chromoly steel frame, carbon fork, disc brakes, and 2x10 gearing. While it lacks front rack mounts on the fork, it makes up for it with lighter weight and simplified gearing.
Masi CXR Comp is designed and engineered to be an efficient CX racer.  A lightweight aluminum frame, tapered carbon fork, Shimano 105 11 speed, and rear rack mounts means it puts you firmly in the race, while being a practical commuter in between.
Masi Giramondo is a touring bike for the adventure junkie. With geometry similar to a full touring bike, but with ample clearance for large 700c tires or even a mountain bike 650b setup this beast will take you wherever your imagination lets it. Tons of rack and bottle cage mounts, disc brakes, bar-end shifters with a 3x9 speed setup, and flared drop bars allow won't interrupt your adventures.

Mountain Bikes

From 'round the park to all-day marathons, we can get you on the mountain bike designed for how you ride.

Sport & Cross Country (XC) Bikes

Built for flowing to moderately technical mountain bike trails, these bikes are typically built light and efficient. Usually foregoing rear suspension and only offering moderate front suspension for light weight and lowered cost, cross country bikes excel at long endurance rides through smoother dirt trails.  

Trail Bikes

When the trail gets a bit bumpier and more technical, the trail bike takes control. This is the most popular style of mountain bike as it offers the best all-around trail experience. With a longer wheelbase, more relaxed steering, more suspension travel than most XC bikes, a trail bike inspires more confidence on trails of a more technical nature.

All-Mountain & Enduro Bikes

For the all-out mountain bike experience, look no further that the all-mountain or enduro mountain bike. This style of mountain bike is yet another step beyond the trail bike in terms of capabilities on aggressively uneven terrain. Long suspension travel both front and rear soak up big rock and moderate drops, yet they are still able to climb hills thanks to suspension features that allow for on the fly adjustability.

Haro Calavera Sport is a sport-level cross country mountain bike for the newer mountain biker looking to get into the sport without breaking the bank. With features like an aluminum frame, disc brakes, 100mm front suspension with lock-out, and Shimano 3x8 speed gearing, this may be all you need to get out and have fun on your local trails.
Haro Calavera Expert is for the serious cross country rider in touch with reality. A super strong 7075 series aluminum frame with tapered head tube, Rock Shox Recon fork, and Shimano Deoer/SLX 2x10 speed gearing and hydraulic brakes translate to a capable cross country bike ready to withstand all-day grinds.
Haro Shift S3 is a full suspension trail bike perfect for the enthusiastic trail rider on a budget. Capable Shimano 2x10 speed gearing, hydraulic brakes, and Suntour Raidon shock and fork keep the price tag reasonable while still letting you have fun on the trails.
Haro Shift R7 takes trail riding seriously. If you want be confident you can get home after a long day on the trails, look no further. Packed with Rock Shox Monarch and Recon suspension, Shimano XT 2x10, and an aluminum 4-bar linkage frame with tapered head tube, and bomb proof wheels this is a trail bike for the enthusiast.

BMX Bikes

Bicycle motocross has come a long way since its beginning s in the 1970s.

Street / Park Bikes

Built to take some serious punishment, these BMX bikes are always make of steel. Designed for clearing tables and grinding handrails, street BMX bikes feature tough frames and parts, and wheels made to handle crashes and big landings. Almost always have 20" wheels.  

Dirt Jump Bikes

Similar in concept to street bikes, dirt specific BMX bikes are a little more relaxed in order to feel more stable on high speed ascents and landings. While 20" wheels used to be popular among dirt jumpers, 26" now rules supreme. This is in part due to the added stability and ground clearance the larger wheels provide.

Race Bikes

Decades ago, BMX bikes all used to look pretty much the same. Not anymore. BMX race bikes have evolved into purpose-build speed machines intent on flowing over rhythm sections and hugging banked corners like they're on rails. Weighing next to nothing and made to fit riders of all sizes, BMX race bikes are, like road bikes, usually made of aluminum and even carbon.

Haro Midway is a mid-level street BMX bike featuring a steel frame, double-wall rims, sealed bearings, and wide 20x2.4" tires.
Haro Steel Reserve 1.1 is a clean and basic rigid dirt jumper. The chromoly frame and fork can withstand the abuse of big jumps, while the larger 26" wheels provide extra clearance and added control at higher speeds.
Haro Race Lite Pro is a mid-level BMX race bike for the enthusiast. Lightweight and stiff aluminum frame, cranks, and wheels all add up to give the serious racer the advantages they need.

Youth Bikes

Kids deserve great bikes, too! That's why we carry a full line of youth bikes in all sizes.

Haro Preewheelz has the perfect balance bike for your little guy or girl just learning the ropes. Options between pneumatic or solid tires, steel or aluminum frame, and plastic mags or spoked wheels means whatever your little one needs, we've got it.
Haro Shredder series of bikes offer boys and girls sizes of 12", 16", 18" and 20". Shredder 12 and 16 include training wheels, and all include pad sets.
Haro Shredder Pro comes in both 20" and 24" variants. Both fit kids who are a little older, but not quite ready for a full-sized or adult bike.
Haro Flightline mountain bikes represent the entry level mountain bike offering from Haro. For the kids, this bike comes in 20", 24" and 26" wheel sizes, while the line continues with 27.5" (650b) for adults.


Sale Bikes

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Build your dream bike

Custom Builds

A custom-built bike can say a lot about a person. What it says to us is that you are unique and want a bike that fits your lifestyle.

Chico Bike & Board crew members build the bikes they ride because they know the perfect bike isn't always found in a box. Although building a bike from the ground up may cost more upfront than a production bike from a major manufacturer, you will feel more connected to it knowing you selected each component. Besides that, a custom bike that fits you well and lasts a lifetime could end up costing much less in the long term.

We would be proud to build your next bike. Whether it's a road, mountain, touring, track, cyclocross, or cargo bike we begin with quality frames from Soma, New Albion, All-City, Pake, Masi, or Surly.  The process starts with a conversation about your needs & wants.

If you are interested in building up a unique BMX bike we have you covered! We source frames, forks, and tons of other awesome components from some of the best brands. Just ask us and we'll work together to bring to life your dream machine!


Make that family heirloom new again with expert assistance from our knowledgeable, reliable, and friendly service staff. These jobs are our favorites because bringing back an old trusty member of the family, done right, can be a very rewarding & emotional experience. We would love to share that experience with you.

Fair warning, though. We take our time with these. The research, parts locating, and perfection demands it!

Give us a call or drop by 10am-6pm any day of the week to discuss your ideas.